Morphonic lab XVIII

Baroque Palace Great Garden Dresden 2 November 2019
Punctual beginning 20 o'clock, admission 19 o'clock
Admission 15 € reduced 10 €

The human voice is known to be an organ that can be used as a singing instrument. However, to enhance this instrument into an artistically independent sound painting quality requires extraordinary vocal talent, intensive training and high creative power.
The morphonic laboratory No. 18 investigates the phenomenon of "human voice singing" with selected vocal artists in contrasting tension arcs from classical to experimental, from gentle to expressive.

The vocalistic pleasure round dance is opened by the award-winning Dresden composer Jan Heinke with his fascinating way of overtone singing in three parallel intoned natural vocal registers.
The Polish voice artist Doministry feeds an arsenal of electronic transducers with the impulses of his voice alone, thus creating a stylistic variety from humanimal sounds to pulsating rhythms.
Michael Ammann from Fürth intuitively drives his particularly pronounced voice organ with passionate fervour into unheard-of pictorial head sound zones.
With his bear-strong bass voice, the Dresden Balog floods his own electronic manipulations, drifting from mystical under-swelling to self-stripping sound orgiates.
The Dresden soprano Barbara Christina Steude provides with her crystal clear voice a well-tempered caesura in classical material before the vocal wonder Dalila Kayros and her electro sound giver Danilo Casti from Sardinia point out the sequence of solo performances with overwhelming vocal and creative power comparable to Diamanda Galas and others.
The laboratory highlight in the finale is the VOCALUST session of all voices involved: A synergetic experimental arrangement of the highest laboratory appeal, because the laboratory technicians listed here dare such a symbiosis for the first time!
All contributions will be accompanied by video projections of the performers.

In cooperation with AGGREGATnEUROPA, VERTOVISM  presents a multi-channel sound installation with a composition of field recordings of working voices around the globe, dedicated to the pioneer of the industrial sounds of the Donbass_Sinfonie, Dziga Vertov. An international call for entries has been launched in advance to call upon actors from all over the world to participate in the composition with their sound files.
Further temporary installations will take place in the adjoining rooms of the Palais: among others the Stimmen-Klang-Tor by Arend Zwicker/Dennis Jähnig, the video installation "Face/Rostro 05-08" by the award-winning film author and visual artist Wolfgang Scholz, the Orkusstimme by Seelensack as well as the annual outdoor illumination of the Palais this time by LICHTinFORM Heinrich Müller.

Detlef Schweiger
Artistic and organizational director

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