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Morphonic lab XIV

Saturday, October 29th, 2016 Start: 9pm
Hellerau - European Centre for the Arts Dresden

The 15th Morphonic Laboratory must operationally leave its traditional quarters in the baroque Palais Grosser Garten Dresden. Therefore, this year, it takes place at the European Centre for the Arts Hellerau.

With anticipation and gratitude, we're heading to the North of Dresden, moving to this temple dedicated to contemporary art with a program worthy of this environment.
Organized by the Dresden Association of Artists (Künstlerbund) in co-operation with the European Centre for the Arts Dresden, ML XV is nothing less than the final event of this years Tonlagen festival!

The evening starts with Berlin-based newcomer Holotrop. With subtle energy and tension his mystic ambient soundscapes of “Rites of Natema” and “Nagual” - the two latest releases - spread, accompanied by an adequate visualization, putting a psychedelic spell on the senses with its insistent power of suggestion, a power they can't discharge.

From Wroclaw, Dresden's sister city, and this year's European Capital of Culture, Job Karma bring innovative post-industrial structures, coupled with a typical electric melancholy, resting in itself. Their concert is existentially charged by the captivating video animations of Arkadiusz Bagiński.

SARDH plays Balog: Balog, frontman of Dresden Industrial Formation SARDH, celebrates with the support of his band his bizarre miniatures, physically tangible figures within multi-layered sound walls, he only is able to tame with his primeval voice. The accompanying video by Schweiger displays and dissects the head, that generates the instrumental and vocal event.

Burial Hex from Wisconsin forms a unique multi-instrumental mix of bombastic industrial, dark ambient, harmonic piano music, wafting beats, horror Electronics, ritual, pain screaming, gurgling voices, nasty scrape, metallic clan... thereby creating an overwhelming emulsion characterized by dynamics and passion.

The highlight of the evening is set by Manchester based Samuel Kerridge and his lighting artist Andrej Boleslavsky from Prague. They present their successful Fatal Light Attraction Show, which premiered at the Berlin Atonal Festival, 2015. Kerridge's experimentally disrupted techno creates a high-energy tension, congenially visualized in impressive real-time shadow-light-figurations by Boleslavsky.

Morphonic Lab in its residence, the baroque palace, always had to stop at midnight. This year in Hellerau there will be time, muse and energy to celebrate a proper after-show directed by DJ Eric Byrne (Tower Promotions), disorder and Martyn Flesh (club|debil)

In the surrounding areas projections of Hillumination are shown, videos from the Morphonic Lab history, from 48acht among others, as well as an exhibition of ML posters of Typenfänger, for 15 years ML's domestic designer.

Detlef Schweiger
Artistic and organisational manager

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