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Saturday October 28. 2017Barockpalais Großer Garten Dresden Following his successful guest appearance at the Festspielhaus Hellerau 2016, the Morphonic Laboratory returns to its headquarters in the Großer Garten Dresden, this time focusing in particular on the structural growths and excesses in experimental sound, video, performance, installation and light art.

Artistic methods of enrichment, stratification, repetition patterns ... are presented by way of example, whereby in contrast to the well-tended garden culture of the park environment of the Palais they will definitely "shoot their own".

The program in the ballroom starts with the one-man show by Seelensack, a master of live sampling, instrumentally versatile and stylistically wide-ranging with a slight overhang to the Krautrock. Accordingly, the accompanying video sequences proliferate in organic structures derived from his own biological research.

Unusually, the duo Sculpturetones cultivates the unusual breeding of diversely branched percussions, which revolve around the live use of installative and sound sculptural elements. Association-rich images accompany the process in their parallel projections. Energetic outgrowths from his own biotope create drive sound with driving beats and haunting vocals, planted in fertile post-rock, punk and noise fields, where the duo dig deep into the field soil to pick up the roots of blues and boogie with frivolous hands.

In the finale, Chimaera creates a deep dark forest with adequate video images, based on their purely instrumental ambient wickerwork. Their primeval sound spheres create real deceleration, which leads our head cinema on a wonderful hike.

Sound Clips of the ANKRAUT Sound Actors »

In the adjoining rooms of the banqueting hall u.a. Dirk Großer prepares his tripartite video-parcour "Runn", with horses galloping through the film-art-history. Robert Frenzel brings in a light garden of his kinetic objects. With abstract floral lighting elements, Macro will be playing on the large concrete floor of the festival hall. In addition to other artists who show their works on the inside, the palace is again illuminated on the outside by Hillumination.

Detlef Schweiger
Organizational and artistic director

Dresden November 07.2017

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